No Apologies

No ApologiesI have been working as a freelance author and copywriter since I was, literally, a kid. As a professional in this field, I always keep careful tabs on my published and unpublished works. That is why I have an online portfolio, hard copies of my articles where available, and, naturally, a running list of work to my credit.

It came as a great surprise when, while cleaning up and archiving old files off my laptop’s hard drive, I found 22 pages of unpublished poetry. Yes, folks, nearly two dozen poems just waiting to be part of a collection, over and above the ones already compiled.

Now, I can recall very clearly that I actually wrote them way, way back in 2002 at someone’s request, to be the chapter bookends of his autobiography. The manuscript was being edited then and I was given a copy to read and write “hard-hitting” poetry for.

However, the autobiography project was never realized as the author got distracted by other priorities. In 2003, my working relationship ended with him and off I went to serve in other sectors.

I got to keep all my poems, though, which was fantastic.

A teaser-sample is definitely in order:

I journey on, dauntless
Not heeding
The threats and taunts
Never succumbing to weakness.

This is my destiny
The unyielding road
I traverse with no apologies
Now, then and evermore.

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